MMHMF Scholarship Recipient

2001 MMHMF Scholarship Recipient
A letter from Travis
''Hello, my name is Travis L. Surley.  I really enjoyed my freshmen year at the Virginia Commonwealth University.  I've grown a lot this first year, due mostly to the fact that I realized that college is very different from high school.  In college I deiscovered that I had more freedom than highschool.  A person might think that this freedom would have caused me to study less than in high school, but it did the exact opposite.  Instead, the new sense of freedom gave me a sense of responsibility; and I believe that it is this sense of responsibility that is shaping my future.  I've also learned that college is what the student makes it.  If a student goes in playing around and not studying, college will be very hard.  But if the student goes in and takes it seriously by studying, doing the assigned work, and work that may not be assigned, college will be easier.  Through these values I have also acquired a new and different work ethic than I had in high school.  I feel I was very successful in high school as far as my grades and being involved in various activities, and I plan to be even more successful in college.
I pray that every person that reads this newsletter, whether they know me or not, will be proud of me someday.  I plan to do big things in my community, and eventually in the world.  I am now looking toward my future with excitement because of my first year college experience, and I hope that everyone will continue to pray for me.  I would like to thank the Martha Mason Hill Memorial Foundation for their contribution to my education and future.  I would also like to let them know that I appreciate them, and will show that I was a very worthy candidate for their scholarship.  Their generosity will never go unrecognized by me or God.  I love you and God bless you all.'' 
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