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DR. ANDREA L. STITHI am excited to be writing my first message as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Martha Mason Hill Memorial Foundation.  During the Foundation’s first two decades, we have established a strong community presence. Specifically, this accomplishment is due to the dedication, devotion and hard work of members of the board, committees, supporters, advocates, and volunteers. We have achieved a number of noteworthy milestones including annually providing students of Chesterfield County with valuable school supplies, supplying college students with care packages during finals week, and awarding several scholarships-including through an endowed fellowship at Virginia State University.  All of this (and more!) has been achieved while we have grown our endowment—with the goal of building a sustainable organization that will benefit the community in perpetuity. 

As we look to build in the future, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding leadership provided by the previous Chair—my father, James H. Stith. We owe him an extreme debt of gratitude that my words cannot adequately convey. In addition, I appreciate the tireless efforts of my mother and MMHMF President, Alberta Juanita Hill Stith, who has been so essential to the early success of our organization.  I am looking forward to serving alongside her as the Foundation strives to provide thousands of more students the opportunity to fulfill their dreams through education. Most importantly, I would like to thank all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who have made the dream represented by MMHMF a reality.

 I encourage you to visit our website at and remain up to date on all activities and programs as well as on any changes, as they materialize. Consider joining the Foundation as a board member or volunteer—we are always looking to expand our outreach and add to the voices expounding my grandmother’s personal mission.  If you would like volunteer or share any ideas, reach out to me or to any of our board members and committee chairs. 

 It’s impossible to predict the future, but there are many reasons to be optimistic. With the support and good faith of family and community, I am fully confident the MMHMF will accomplish much in the years to come.

Andrea Stith


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